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About Us

Our goal is to be your destination for men’s everyday carry essentials, grooming, drinkware, fashion accessories, and much more.
Our huge selection means you’ll be able to find whatever it is you’re looking for—and maybe something you weren’t expecting.
Quality awaits
Shop the prestige brands you know and love, while discovering your new favorite artisan maker. Every brand we stock, large or small, is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship. They’re as passionate about creating a killer product as we are about helping our customers discover it.

Supreme service
We want you to find us, love us, and return to us again and again. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make shopping with as easy as possible. Unparalleled choice, fast shipping, flexible returns, stellar service—what more could you ask for? (Seriously, tell us. We want to know, and we’ll endeavor to make it happen.)

Meet the original gentlemen
Our story starts with Ben Atanat and Terry Williams. Some say they met hunting marlins off the coast of Florida, while others insist it was when charging lions in the Serengeti. Or perhaps it was a chance encounter during a tussle with an enterprising anaconda in Amazonia?

The truth (that they met in high school) may sound slightly less exciting, but one thing’s for sure: the two recognized each other’s abilities in business and tech—and a friendship and partnership was born.

Ten years later, Ben and Terry’s business savvy has led to Recognizing the need for an ecommerce retailer that supplies luxury accompaniments for a gentleman’s lifestyle, we’re here to provide an industry-leading online emporium that’s supported by our ecommerce and customer-centric expertise. 

As friends and founders, we’re united by the same dream: to build a great business, and have fun doing it. Over time, we’ve been lucky enough to attract a team of hard-working, enthusiastic, dedicated people who believe in that very same dream.

What we’re all about
We’re not like the other guys. We understand that being a gentleman doesn’t mean fitting into a mold. What it means is showing respect, appreciating quality, living life, and doing good things.

We believe that being a gentleman isn’t about dressing a certain way. It’s about doing good deeds (big or small). Whether it’s painting a wall in your neighborhood to cover up graffiti, donating to charity, or simply holding the door for someone. For us, being a gentleman is all about making the world a better place through thoughtful, positive action.

Your customer satisfaction is the driving force behind everything we do. Our pledge to you is simple: to deliver the highest quality products backed by the service you deserve. Each day, we wake up excited to do exactly that. And nothing can hold us back, not even Ben’s occasional office pranks!
The values we stand by
So, welcome to We hope you find exactly what you want to add to your collection, spruce up your look, make your life easier, or just to treat yourself. Here, you can be your own gentleman. And we’ve got all the stuff to help you on your way.