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Gentlemen know that being prepared is one of the best qualities to have. That’s why having an axe is such a great idea. There’s always going to be a need for an axe at some point. Whether it’s hiking, camping, or for home use, axes will come in handy.


Setting up a campsite will be a breeze, clearing any downed wood, preparing an area for a safe, roaring campfire, and making sure there will be enough kindling to keep the fire going well into the night. How about at home, where you want to have a fireplace alight and warming your house. Splitting the wood with ease thanks to the healthy weight of your axe assisting your well practiced motion. Why not on the trail, when you can help chop up a fallen tree, so you can safely get by and continue your hike.


The axe is one of the earliest inventions in human history, with archaeologists finding primitive versions of the axe dating back over 10,000 years ago. Used primarily as a tool, there were many other uses for axes but chopping wood and removing debris remains its main purpose.


There are quite a few versions of axes, but they all share the same basic design points. A sharpened edge with a blunt end on the other side, held in place by a handle that can be either one handed, like a hatchet, or two handed, like a log building axe. No matter what style of axe you get, the design is practically the same as it’s been from the prehistoric times.


Feel like your ancestors from eras long past when you are splitting a log to fuel your fireplace. Clear a path in the woods the way it has been done for hundreds of years. Feel the history in your hands when you hold a tool that has been so effective, the design hasn’t changed much in history, merely improved.

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  • Kershaw 1075X 14 in Deschutes Axe Kershaw 1075X 14 in Deschutes Axe Right Side Kershaw 1075X 14 in Deschutes Axe Top Kershaw 1075X 14 in Deschutes Axe Bottom Kershaw 1075X 14 in Deschutes Axe Sheath Front

    Kershaw 1075X 14 in Deschutes Axe

    General Brand: Kershaw Country: China Package: None Model: 1075X Knife Type: Axe Overall Length: 14.00 in. / 355.60 mm. Overall Weight: 1lb 9 oz. /  711 g. Hand:  Left Hand, Right Hand Sheath: FRN   Blade Blade Length: 3.45 in...

    MSRP: $94.99
  • Spyderco Genzow Hatchet Hawk HO2 Axe Spyderco Genzow Hatchet Hawk HO2 Axe Sleeve

    Spyderco Genzow Hatchet Hawk HO2 Axe

    General Brand: Spyderco Country: USA Package: Pouch Model: HatchetHawk HO2 Type: Axe Overall Length: 15.82 in. / 401 mm. Overall Weight: 1lb 9 oz. / 861 g. Hand: Left Hand, Right Hand   Blade Blade Length: 6.14 in. / 156 mm. Blade Cutting Edge:...

    MSRP: $270.00
  • Zippo Saw Zippo Axe

    Zippo AxeSaw

    Brand: Zippo Model: Axesaw Height: 8.6 in. / 218 mm. Width: 20.3 in. / 515 mm. Depth: 1.6 in / 40 mm Weight: 2.6 lbs Package: None Country: USA   *measurements are approximate    

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