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BenShot Broadhead Rocks Glass 11 oz

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This 11oz handcrafted rocks glass from Wisconsin comes with a broadhead arrow stuck into its side.

In fact — for the experts out there — it's a G5 Pre-Season Fixed-Blade Broadhead. That’s a high-quality arrowhead used to hunt down deer with precision.

Did you know a broadhead arrow can reach up to 350 feet per second (FPS) in speed? Now imagine all that velocity crammed into a whisky glass!

It’s truly a piercing (and sharp) way to drink on the rocks with friends. Whisky will never feel the same after drinking from this glass fit for a hunter!

That’s why it’s the perfect gift for anybody who loves to spend their weekends hunting or shooting targets with a bow or crossbow.

It’s a glass to set beside your favorite drinks and showcase to guests with pride!

Can you imagine making a toast after a big hunt with this glass? Or even celebrating a lifetime achievement with friends or family?

And every BenShot rocks glass is handmade by proud veterans in Wisconsin. The company started off at Thomas Edison’s old factory and has now become a reputable, nationwide glassware brand!

So, when you buy a BenShot rocks glass, you’re helping out the veterans who fought hard for us to be where we are today.

Buy now to receive this BenShot rocks glass at your home in just 24 hours!

Also, if you're a fan of glasses with arrows, bullets, or even fishing lures in them, check out all our BenShot products.

Brand: BenShot

Style: Rocks Glass

Model: Broadhead

Size: 11 oz.

Country: USA

Package: Box

Material: Glass, Steel

Weight: 12.0 oz. / 339 g.



Rocks Glass
11 oz.
Overall Weight:
12 oz.