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Cigar Ashtrays

If you are going to enjoy a cigar, then you will need a good ashtray for it. All good ashtrays will have the same two basic characteristics, they will easily hold onto the ash until you are done with your cigar, and they will have a place to rest your cigar when you are not holding it.


After that, it starts to turn to style and design. What are you looking for in your ashtray? Much like pipe ashtrays, once you get the essentials handled, the rest is decorative choices that will allow you to enjoy the look of the ashtray. If you prefer to not smoke in your home, you might want an outdoor ashtray where you can take your cigar to the porch or your deck without the fear of making a mess.


If it’s an indoor ashtray you prefer, you should find something that can fit in with the décor of the room you smoke in. Having an ashtray that sticks out like a sore thumb will simply look out of place at best, bad at worst. Being a gentleman, you will want to make sure you try to avoid clashing items, and having an ashtray that matches your interior design will let people that visit know that you care about the details.


Are you a social smoker? Or do you prefer the privacy of solitude to enjoy your cigar? This will factor into how many grooves you want in your ashtray, how many cigars it can hold at once. The more people that use it, the more grooves you will want. 


Getting a nice looking ashtray is more than just a useful tool to cleanly handle the ash from smoking. Some of these are so nice looking, they can just be displayed as an interesting item on its own. There actually is a healthy collectors community for interesting and good looking ashtrays from history. If you are interested in having a collection, having something that can serve as a dual function might be your best bet.