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Men’s Deodorant

Gentlemen understand the difference between working up a good sweat and sweating too much. We don’t let ourselves get dominated by sweat and we certainly don’t let body odor get uncontrollable. That’s where deodorants come in. Keep your pits fresh and everyone will thank you. There's nothing worse than the sweaty, smelly man that chokes the air with his stench. Nobody wants to be around that guy, and gentlemen know to take the steps to prevent that from being themselves.


Deodorants work by eliminating the bacteria that causes body odor. Sweat itself doesn’t stink, but when the sweat meets the bacteria living on your skin the gross odor that we all hate is the result.


Get yourself a natural deodorant, like the Brooklyn Grooming or Element Botanicals options we offer here. These all natural deodorants offer the same, or even better, great scents but don’t have the harsher ingredients of the factory made items that can actually do more harm than good.


This means no aluminum, which clogs your pores and can potentially bring about terrible health conditions. No alcohol which is used by big name manufacturers to help dry faster, but it also dries out your skin, leaving you irritated and uncomfortable. No Parfum either, this ingredient is used as a fragrant but also acts as an irritant on sensitive skin, leaving you red and sore.


Instead, you’ll find ingredients that help your body like zinc which is naturally microbial. This will help you get rid of the harmful bacteria that causes the body odor, keeping you smelling fresh while working out or hiking. Also baking soda, which helps the drying process without harming your skin. Finally a number of natural oils that are included to help keep you hydrated but not sweaty.


Natural deodorants work with your body, not against it, so you will find yourself better off than before and smelling just as good. Treat your body right and you’ll find that you deal with less problems than before. Be sure to get similarly scented soaps, colognes, and lotions so you have a uniform scent profile. Avoid the frustration of clashing scents by making sure you have all your products work together to make sure you smell great.

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