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Men’s Facial

What’s the point of exercising and going through the effort of working out if you’re going to ignore the other essential parts of maintaining a healthy body? Proper care of your body begins with your face. It’s usually the first thing other people notice about you and therefore you need to have it send the right message. A healthy face can help boost your confidence. Looking good leads to feeling good and feeling good leads to other people wanting to be around you more. Be social with a smooth, fresh face that lets everyone see the vibrant, charismatic gentleman you are.


Wanting to have that smooth, fresh face means doing more than just washing your face. Washing is just the first step to having a healthy skin and a good looking face. Washing alone won’t do the trick, you need to make sure you have the right after wash products to finish the job. Something like Brooklyn Grooming’s Pilgrim’s Blue Velvet Face Serum, which will act as a comfortable moisturizer that will also reduce redness and improve your appearance.


Moisturizers are critical to healthy skin and a healthy face. Dry skin gives you an unpleasant appearance, and it can cause cracks in your skin that leads to inflammation and infections. Nobody wants to deal with a gentleman with dry, flaky skin especially when it’s preventable. 


Oily skin falls on the other end of the spectrum from dry skin. This can cause similar problems, as too much oil can trap bacteria and lead to acne or other infections. A good moisturizer will maintain healthy levels on your face, and work on limiting the negative effects of too much oil on your face.


It’s a gentleman’s responsibility to take preventative measures that are available to them. That’s why we must be sure to keep our skin healthy and fresh.