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Lighter Pouches

It is important for gentlemen to be prepared, and that means having a place for everything. Having a pouch for your lighter lets you have a specific place for your lighter while providing it some protection from damage. 


Having a good pouch for your lighter tells everyone you take care of your stuff and prize organization so you can find what you need easily. With your lighter in a pouch you can be certain it’s where you put it, not having to worry about it shifting in a bag or being jolted out of place where it would be harder to find when you need it.


Some pouches can even have another use. The Zippo Paracord Lighter Pouch, for instance, is made out of a 5 millimeter woven nylon rope that measures out to 26 feet in length that can be used for a number of things in case of emergency.


Many lighters have intricate designs or decorations that offer you the chance to show off your personality or what you believe in. Some lighters were gifted by a special someone. Others still could have been handed down from father to son. Regardless as to how you came by your lighter, it may likely hold some sentimental value to you.


That’s why preventing scratches and other damage is something we want to help you with. Getting a lighter pouch to hold and protect your lighter is an investment in the quality of your lighter’s appearance and the memories they hold for you.


There are some very good benefits to having a good pouch for your lighter, and we want you to be able to show the other people in your life that you are a gentleman that takes the time to prepare and be organized, and that you care for the items and tools you own and use.

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  • Zippo Harley Davidson Leather Lighter Pouch Zippo Harley Davidson Leather Lighter Pouch Back Zippo Harley Davidson Leather Lighter Pouch Open

    Zippo Harley Davidson Leather Lighter Pouch

    For the Zippo and Harley loving gentleman, the Zippo Harley Davidson Leather Lighter Pouch elevates your accessories to the next level. The perfect addition to the belt, this pouch emblazoned with the Harley Davidson logo is constructed from sturdy black...

  • Zippo Paracord Lighter Pouch Zippo Paracord Lighter Pouch Back Zippo Paracord Lighter Pouch Open

    Zippo Paracord Lighter Pouch

    Brand: Zippo Package: Blister Country: USA FEATURES 5mm woven nylon rope; 26 feet long when unraveled 450 pounds break strengthMetal button closure; belt and clip loopsHolds a classic Zippo windproof lighter securely (not included) BENEFITS Provides up...

2 of 2 Items