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Men’s Lip Care

We’ve all suffered with dry lips before. The dry, chapped lips that peel or crack. They’re sore, burning and stinging when they’re touched. Some of us think licking our lips will soothe them, but the reality is that just makes it worse.


Chapped lips don’t look good to go along with the pain they cause. How do you like seeing cracked, dry lips in the mirror? It gets worse in public, when you're more likely to feel self-conscious due to your chapped, irritated lips acting like a magnet for everyone else’s eyes, focusing in on them like a brutal spotlight of your flaws.


It’s even worse dealing with them when you’re out with friends and family, spending time around the campfire or getting in line for the ski lift. Being active can dry you out, especially in cold weather. Don’t miss out on fun, family activities like building a snowman or having a post-holiday dinner snowball fight because you didn’t take the preventative steps that make sure your lips stay smooth, hydrated, and comfortable.


Warm weather can also cause problems for your lips. Long runs in the summer heat can dry you out, and dry skin leads to chapped lips, which leads to the discomfort that those bring. Be active but make sure you keep hydrated and take the steps to prevent chapped lips from happening.


The best way to prevent getting these uncomfortable, unsightly, and unhealthy lips is to avoid licking them as a start. Instead, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and be sure to apply a high quality lip balm that will soothe and protect the area. A good idea is to find lip balms that use all natural ingredients, like the ones made by Brothers Artisan.


Gentlemen all understand the benefits of healthy lips, so let’s make sure yours stay that way.

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