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Men’s Lotions

Proper skin care is critical. Gentlemen can endure a lot, but suffering from dry skin is easily avoidable. The skin is your body’s first line of defense against illness and disease. Keep it strong and healthy by keeping it hydrated.


Dry and flaky skin is irritating, unappealing, and preventable. Lotions and moisturizers do not add water to your skin, but instead help by trapping the water on your skin, preventing further moisture loss. This is why it is suggested that you should apply lotion after your shower in order to keep your skin healthy and ready for anything.


Dry skin is especially prevalent after cleaning up from a good workout. Some harsh soaps and coarse washcloths can remove more oil from the skin than necessary, leaving your skin prone to drying out and weakening. You will want to keep your body comfortable by using lotion that will help your skin hold onto moisture and not flake away.


It is also important to anticipate your skin’s needs when dealing with the weather. Your body may react differently to cold, snowy weather versus a hot, dry summer but your skin will dry out either way. Make sure you have lotion on hand before the snowball fight or to apply after getting home from a memorable trip to the beach.


Remember to get all the dry skin hotspots, such as your elbows, knees, feet, and hands. These parts of your body are extra susceptible to drying out. You might have already suffered from dry hands once before, why deal with it a second time?


We offer a great variety of scented lotions, each one giving you a smell you can enjoy. Be sure to find similar scented soaps, colognes, and deodorants that will give you a consistent scent profile, something that will make the special people in your life love the way you smell.

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