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Men's Grooming & Personal Care Products

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Soaps, lotions, razors, aftershaves, and more!

Treat yourself with high quality men’s grooming products so you can look your best wherever you go. After all, being a man with bad skin is now a thing of the past!

Be the gentleman you strive to be with a sharp look: tidy beard, clean skin, and great cologne.

Below you’ll find a short description of all our men’s personal care products. See the benefits of each product for yourself, and learn which will serve you best as a gentleman.

Then, start shopping!

Men’s Cleansers and Sanitizers

After a hard day’s work, cleaning up is a satisfying way to start winding down for the night. What would be better than using an aromatic hand sanitizer, eat dinner, then relax with the tv on after cleaning up with one of the great Brothers Artisan Oil products?

Men’s Facial

Let’s face it gentlemen, there’s more to facial care than making sure the beard is looking neat and orderly. That’s why using a Brooklyn Grooming face serum will go a long way to keeping yourself clean and comfortable.

Men’s Lip Care

There’s nothing worse than having chapped lips. Maintain your lips and you’ll reap the rewards. Do this with the Brothers Artisan Oil lip balms and your wallet will thank you too.

Men’s Recovery

Sore after working out? Sore after doing the yardwork? Just sore? Taconic Shave and Brooklyn Grooming will be able to help ease your body and make you feel better sooner.

Men’s Scents

Just because you work up a sweat doesn’t mean a gentleman wants to smell like that sweat. Smell good for your significant other, or just for yourself. Taconic Shave’s various colognes, or Brothers Artisan products will make sure you smell great every time you use them.

Men’s Soaps

Gentlemen need good products for their shower time. Any old product won’t do anymore, gentlemen deserve the highest quality available, and in a way that won’t break the bank. Taconic Shave, Brooklyn Grooming, and Brothers Artisan products provide that balance of good items at a reasonable price.

Men’s Tonic

Hair and beard care is not just making sure the hair is cut and the beard is trimmed anymore. Caring for your facial hair is a must, to make sure your beard grows healthy and full. Brooklyn Grooming’s hair and beard tonic is what you’re looking for.

Men’s Deodorant

All Gentlemen know deodorant is an essential step of the cleaning and grooming process. Brooklyn Grooming and Element Botanicals provide affordable, high end deodorants that everyone in your life will be happy you use.

Men’s Lotions

Skin care is more than washing. Dry skin is not something you want to live with. Brothers Artisan and Element Botanicals lotions are here to make sure you can keep your skin healthy and hydrated.


There’s a satisfying feeling to applying aftershave after removing the unwanted areas of your facial hair. Keeping your skin moisturized and free of bacteria is imperative to maintaining your good looks and will help you feel better about yourself. You’ll feel better after using a Parker or Taconic aftershave on your freshly groomed face.

Razor Blades

Need to replace your blade? Getting started with a new safety razor? You’re better off finding the high quality blades here that are designed to give you smooth shave and lasts a while.

Safety Razors

More often than not, simpler is better. Why deal with the hassle of multiple blades when one razor blade locked into the convenient safety holster will do? Save yourself the hassle of nicks and cuts by using the tried and true method of shaving with a safety razor, where the only thing you’ll need to replace is one blade at a time.

Shaving Bowls & Mugs

Shaving, as a process, takes up a good amount of time you will use in the bathroom. You might as well have a sturdy bowl to house the soap you need to keep your skin fresh and smooth. It’s also a good idea to have a bowl that will fit the look of your bathroom. Don’t let your items clash with the rest of the room. Get a high quality bowl that will look great in your room. You’ll thank yourself later.

Saving Creams and Soaps

Shaving creams and soaps are essential to a healthy and safe shave. These make you shave much easier by protecting your skin and allowing a smooth glide for your razor. Creams differ from soaps in that they’re softer initially and can be used with or without brushes, although it’s still recommended to use the brush for a much easier time. Taconic Shave offers multiple variants to give you so many scented options.


Like it’s equally useful cousin, having a shaving soap will make grooming better. The soaps offer the same great protection and benefit as the creams, but just require a little more water and definitely using a brush to apply. You can’t go wrong with either option, and having a cream or a soap is a must do for your shaving experience.

Straight Razors

There’s a reason barbers still use straight razors, they’re still considered the best thing for shaving. History has shown straight razors work well, and with the proper maintenance and practice a straight razor will last a long time. Good straight razors have even been known to be handed down to later generations. Get something that’s great now and will stay great in the future.

Beard & Grooming Oils

Don’t just grow out your beard, nurture it. Beard oils will help keep your skin and beard healthy. You don’t want a scraggly, untamed mess. With these oils, you can take a good looking beard and make it even better. Reduce itchiness and dandruff, make your beard look fuller and also make it smell better for that special someone.

Hair Care

While everything else can feel out of control sometimes, you can take charge of how you look with products that will mold your hair into the look you feel suits you best. Take care of how you want to be seen, send your message with your hair. Spike it, part it, slicked back, you have the control to look how you want.

Moustache Wax

If you grow a moustache, you want to keep it well maintained. The best way to do that is to use a moustache wax that’ll help you show off your ‘stache. Go as extravagant as a handlebar, or as subtle as a pencil, Taconic Shave and Element Botanicals both offer a moustache wax that will let you show your personality and flair.

Pomades & Balms

Just like shaping and maintaining your moustache, shaping and maintaining your beard lets people see your personality and how you stand out of the crowd. That’s where pomades and balms come in. Shape your beard how you want it, whether it’s old school with mutton chops, or more modern looks like a Van Dyke. Be sure to stand out by grooming and styling.


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36 of 54 Items