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Pipe Ashtrays

Just like cigars, if you enjoy using your pipe you will need an ashtray for it. The difference is in the type of ashtray you will get and use. While cigar ashtrays will be designed with grooves to hold your cigars, the pipe variant will have the groove to hold your pipes. They will also come with a small cork knocker, to loosen up the ash in the bowl. 


For pipe users, this knocker is essential to properly care for your pipe. You should never knock a pipe against a hard surface such as a table or railing. This will damage your pipe and lessen the quality of your future experiences with it. When you get a pipe, it should be something that you can pass down the generations to any children or grandchildren that might either want to use it or keep it as an heirloom to talk about you with. Make sure you will get an ashtray that will protect your pipes and maintain the integrity of your smoking experience.


Much like with the cigar ashtrays, after you take care of the essentials for your pipe ashtray, you will come to the decision on aesthetics. Do you like indoor or outdoor smoking? Will you enjoy your pipe alone, or is it more fun for you to have a group of friends over where they all bring their pipes? That can change the number of grooves and the size of the ashtray you are looking for. 


Another decision is what material you want your ashtray to be made out of. It is not something that will have an effect on its performance, but it will affect the look of the ashtray. It will always be nice to have an ashtray that looks good and will fit in your smoking room, or look like it belongs on your deck. However you decide to use your pipe, make sure you have an ashtray you like and like to look at.