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Pipe Lighter Fuel

When filling your lighter, you must make sure you have the right fuel for it. For instance, Zippos have five different inserts, which require different fuel based on which insert you use. For the regular and pipe inserts, you would use the traditional Zippo lighter fuel, while both the single and double torch inserts use butane. For the fifth insert, the double arc, it is actually charged electronically with no fuel required.


For the gentleman who enjoys using a pipe, Zippo has the pipe insert, which uses the regular Zippo lighter fuel. This insert has holes on the sides, allowing you to hold the lighter horizontally, which gives you the easiest way to light the tobacco but not damage your pipe. This horizontal hold also keeps you from burning your hand from the flame with the traditional insert.


Another option would be to use the single or double inserts which would mean the butane fuel you can find below. Since butane is an odorless fuel you don’t have to worry about the odor having an effect on the flavor of the tobacco, which is a concern about the traditional Zippo fuel. The butane is also used in many multi purpose lighters, so it is a versatile fuel that you should make sure you have extra for when you decide to go camping. While these can work well, it would probably be better for the more advanced pipe user who would have more experience lighting up.


Having the extra fuel as a backup means that you will not have to worry about heading to the store to grab any more disposable lighters that always manage to get lost or run out at the wrong time. You can always have fuel in your lighter, which means you will always be ready for the occasion. This will save you money, and save on the amount of pollution that gets left behind for future generations to deal with.

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