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Men's Pomades & Balms

Your hairstyle is your message to the world. Are you all business? Are you feeling free and up for a fun time? Most of us fall somewhere in between and your choice for the day depends on what you have planned. It is here, in those day to day decisions, that having a versatile pomade and balm come in handy.


Pomades come in three holding strengths: light, medium, and strong. Light holding pomades are useful for styling hair but freeing yourself up to restyling later. It’s very useful for thinner or curly and wavy hair. 


Medium holding pomades are better for holding your hair in the spiky, or slick hairstyles that can get you attention. Great for hair that is short to medium in length, a medium pomade will help you look good all day long.


Finally, strong holding pomades are the best for heavy hair that is harder to hold down and style. Great for straightening your curly hair, if you put in a strong holding pomade you can expect your hair to stay in place all day long, until you wash it at the end of the day.


Need to be professional for that job interview, or the important meeting that can make or break your career? You might want to have a different look there than when you’re relaxing and celebrating a successful venture. Being able to fit your hairstyle to your needs is the very definition of the use for pomades. We have a variety of light, medium, and strong holding pomades that will help you style your hair to your heart’s content.


On the other part of your face, our selection of beard balms will allow your beard to be moved and shaped into any design you can think of. Bring your chin to a point, or have your beard firm in an unmoving hold. 


Your style choices are only limited by your imagination.

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