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Razor Blades for Men

There is an interesting history to razor blades. Before the invention of the Safety Razor in 1904 by King C. Gillette, most razors looked like the blades you would see on a straight razor, thick and dull on one side, narrowing to the sharp edge on the other. To fit with Gillette’s innovation, he worked with William Emery Nickerson to develop the double edged razor blade, which is the thin sharp metal you see and use today.


Nowadays, there are quite a few different companies that offer razor blades for your shaving needs. You will want to find a razor that has the right balance of sharp and smooth. There is a difference between the two, and you should make sure you understand it before you wind up dealing with nicks and cuts.


When describing razors, sharp talks about the edge of the razor. Generally talking about how thin a razor’s edge is, sharpness is all about how easy it is to cut something with the razor. Just because a razor is sharp and cuts hair easily does not mean it will always be the best one for your shave. We must worry about smoothness too.


A smooth razor is one that glides across your face easily. When you have a smooth razor, you will need to use a little more effort to cut the hair, but you are less likely to pick up any nicks or cuts. A razor that is too smooth can be just as uncomfortable as one that is too sharp. Instead of cutting your face though, you might deal with irritated skin or razor burn.


Finding the right razor for you is a balancing act of efficiency and comfort. No two men are the same, and so what you prefer can differ from your friend. Make sure you’re getting the right blades for you.