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Safety Razors

By the start of the 1900’s, the popular facial hair style had moved from a full beard, similar to the ones worn by the generals of the Civil War, to a more groomed style that required consistent maintenance to care for. This upkeep forced men to constantly visit the barber, or use a straight razor which was the only shaving option available. While those options were useful, the time and effort required to properly groom and shape your facial hair into the styles popular at the time meant that many men were looking for a better option.


That better option happened in 1904, when King C. Gillette invented the Safety Razor. The safety razor was a contraption designed to hold disposable razor blades, allowing for a faster shave than before. For the turn of the century men, speed was important so having a quick, easy option was an instant success. It was faster to change out an old, used up razor blade than to maintain a straight razor that needs to be honed, sharpened, stropped, and carefully stored.


That speed and ease of use still brings men to safety razors today. Using a good shaving cream or shaving soap, men will be able to use the safety razor to get a clean looking face that will impress all day. Easy to use and capable of getting you a close and comfortable shave, having a safety razor will make your morning routines a breeze.


Further innovation has led to multiple blades on each shaving razor, with plastic, disposable heads that promise a closer shave than ever before. However, using just one blade still gives you a great shave that has still been hard to top. All the bells and whistles in the world will never take away from the simple elegance of shaving with a single razor blade cased in a safety razor.