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It is both very useful and very important to have a good saw with you around your home. They help you with so many tasks that their usefulness will never fade away. While power saws might do the trick at home, there are times when they are either not available or can't do the job. Instead of being caught without, make sure you have a reliable handsaw available to do the work.


Take the Kershaw Taskmaster 2555 Folding Saw, for example. A compact and helpful tool, it can reach in tight spots, meaning you can cut away bushes and branches that you would otherwise not be able to trim. Maintaining your landscaping is only one of the benefits of this folding saw. Thanks to its portability, it is a great option at the campsite, carving wood for the campfire and trimming branches from your path.


Another great option is the Zippo AxeSaw. Its name is the perfect descriptor, as this doubles as both an ax and a saw. This versatility is outstanding for trips, as you can make use of all of its functions while in the woods. The ax head is perfect for chopping, the saw can trim things down to size, and on the back end, there is a mallet you can use to hammer down stakes or something else.


Make sure you have a saw on hand to both fill needs at home as well as a useful tool on the road.