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Men’s Scents

Gentlemen know better than to smell bad. We clean, we shower, we groom to make sure we don’t have that terrible body odor that offends noses and drives everyone away. How can you spend time with the people in your life when they can’t be in the same room as you because of your stench?


That’s why we suggest you accentuate your scent. After finishing up with your shower and cleaning process, finalize it by applying a cologne that will be the perfect highlight of what and how you feel about yourself.


Perhaps you like hiking and exploring the wild frontiers available to you. Choose a fragrance that carries an earthy tone. Or maybe you live in the city and love the fast paced lifestyle that city life has to offer. There are plenty of scents that will help make you the life of the party. These options available to you can be strong or subtle, exuberant or subdued. We encourage you to find the one that speaks to you.


Whether it’s the Brothers Artisan Oil solid scents or the Taconic Shave colognes, these scents offer enough variety that every gentleman will be able to find an option that fits their personality and will earn the approval of both friends and family. 


Another thing to be aware of is the scents in your home. We can tend to get nose blind to the odors that linger where we live, but guests will pick up on the negatives as well as the positives. The smudge sticks from Brothers Artisan Oil will be a subtle but efficient way to improve the smell of where you live.


People have a strong link between memory and smell. Don’t let their memories of you be tainted by a bad odor. Get the cologne you like and be memorable. Also don’t forget to grab similarly scented deodorants, lotions, and soaps so you can complete your scent profile. It’s no good to clash with opposing scents from your products.

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