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Spare shoelaces will always come in handy. An incredibly versatile item, these spares are great to have so you can instantly replace damaged laces or even having different colors that can make your shoes look better or different.


Various colored shoelaces can mean your regular shoes gain the extra flair that will add a small exclamation point to your outfit. Small details like shoelaces might not get noticed if they’re the drab, bland laces that came with the shoes, but if you take the time to match your laces’ color to the rest of your outfit you can make yourself get noticed as a stylish gentleman that takes the extra steps to look good. It will always be the subtle things, the ones that many men might overlook or underestimate, that helps separate a gentleman from the pack.


Alternatively, there are shoelaces that take the idea of function to the next level. These laces are extremely durable and can be used for more than just shoes. Some of these can be used to carry items bundled together. Some laces can be used as fishing line, with their length coming in handy to try to get a good catch in a pinch if your fishing rod breaks or has a problem.


You can also do a great many things that require a knot, since that is the basic function and intention of shoelaces in the first place. In an emergency situation, you can even make yourself a quick shelter with a tarp and some shoelaces by crafting a trucker’s knot and then you will have a simple, makeshift place to protect yourself from the weather.


We have seen some shoelaces capable of performing amazing feats and we’re confident you will find a good pair of shoelaces that are right for your shoes, and your personality.