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For gentlemen, having the right accessories is essential. More than anything, when looking to have a great smoking experience you need to have great tools at your disposal. It’s so easy to ruin an excellent cigar or pipe by using products that aren’t as good as they should be.

Cigar Accessories 

Cigars aren’t going out of style any time soon, and having the best accessories will help you have a better experience. These tools have been developed throughout history to find the most effective way to enjoy your cigar. In today’s world, fashion and function are a package deal. We have the best combination of looks and use available for you to decide what is best for you.

Cigar Cutters

The first tool you should get for enjoying your cigars, the best cutter for you is one that will fit your personal style. Affordable and well made, these cutters will be one of your most useful tools you have, so pick one that you like the look of and it’ll suit you best. 

Cigar Lighters

There’s a proper way to light a cigar, and a gentleman will only use products that give the best experience for you. These, like the cutters, are a personal choice that will fit the aesthetic you’re looking for. They let you show your personal flair, how you enjoy your cigars and what you want your items to say about yourself. Perhaps you want to stand out with a vibrant candy apple red lighter, or go with the classic look of the antique copper.

Cigar Lighter Fuel

Make sure you have the right fuel for your lighter. The fuel here can be used with your lighter to start up your cigar experience the right way. This is one area you do not want to get wrong, and gentlemen understand the right way to do it.

Cigar Ashtrays

Gentlemen don’t let themselves make a mess. That’s why we have ashtrays available for you to make sure your cigar experience doesn’t end with ash and litter all over the place that needs to be cleaned up. Find the ashtray that fits your style and you’ll be able to have a nice looking item that makes the final moments of your cigar use cleaner and more organized.

Pipe Accessories

Pipes have a history that dates back to Ancient Egypt. Their popularity hasn’t changed much since then. Thankfully, we have improved upon them throughout the times to reach the pipes used now. For today’s pipes, we have a variety of useful accessories to make sure you can maximize your enjoyment.

Pipe Lighters

Much like a cigar, pipes have a proper way to light and we want to make sure that any gentleman that wants a quality lighter will have access to the best lighters available. These also have personal touches that will add the flair you want, be it the no nonsense classic silver design, or showing off your wild side with a dragon adorning your lighter. The choice is yours and you get to have a useful tool that makes your style stand out.

Pipe Lighter Fuel

Lighting pipes is an art form, and we want to make sure every gentleman has the right fuel to use their pipe so it is never a wasted experience. 

Pipe Pouches

We understand that there’s times you’ll want to bring your pipe with you. Whether you’re headed to visit a friend, going camping, or anyplace else. That’s why these pouches are so useful. Keep your pipes with you by having them in a sturdy, safe spot that will protect them from harm. With various designs, you can find a pouch with a pattern you like, one that will look good while you travel.

Pipe Stands

Some pipes are more than just something to use. Some pipes are so nice looking, so elegant that they deserve to be displayed at your home. That’s where the pipe stands come in handy when you want to display your beautiful pieces, or even just to hold onto your pipes until you use them. You can go with anything from a single, small smoking pipe stand, to a large, multi-pipe stand that shows off your collection, and anything in between. Take pride in your pipes and show them off like the works of art they are.


When not using your pipe, you’ll need a place to store everything with it. That’s where these personal humidors come in. Maintain the quality of your goods by making sure they stay in a consistent environment, away from all the outside influences that can ruin your pipe experience.

Pipe Ashtrays

Too much in your pipe can clog it and ruin your day. Have a pipe friendly ashtray available so you can make sure you’re keeping your pipes clean and fully functional. These ashtrays will fit for both fashion and function, so choose whatever you feel will look the best for you.

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  • Zippo Outdoor Armor Mountain Scene Lighter Zippo Outdoor Armor Mountain Scene Lighter Back Zippo Outdoor Armor Mountain Scene Lighter Bottom

    Zippo Outdoor Armor Mountain Scene Lighter

    Venture into the vastness of nature every time this Zippo leaves your pocket. The Zippo Outdoor Armor Mountain Scene lighter features Zippo’s extraordinary Laser 360° engraving process on an Armor® case to render a scene of textured natural...

  • Zippo Harley Davidson Armor 2020 Collectible Lighter Zippo Harley Davidson Armor 2020 Collectible Lighter Back Zippo Harley Davidson Armor 2020 Collectible Lighter Bottom

    Zippo Harley Davidson Armor 2020 Collectible Lighter

    For the Harley Davidson enthusiast, it doesn’t get any better than this. The Zippo Harley Davidson Armor® 2020 Collectible Lighter features the rough and rugged black leather look of a true rider’s gear. Featuring a sturdy Armor® case...

    $100.00 - $123.45
  • Zippo Dragon Armor High Polish Dragon Eye Lighter Zippo Dragon Armor High Polish Dragon Eye Lighter Back Zippo Dragon Armor High Polish Dragon Eye Lighter Bottom

    Zippo Dragon Armor High Polish Dragon Eye Lighter

    From the fires of mythology emerges your favorite mythical beast, the dragon. The Zippo Armor High Polish Dragon Eye lighter features a glowing emerald eye amidst front of the deeply carved High Polish Chrome case. Celebrate not one but two fabled...

    $92.90 - $99.90
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