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Straight Razors

A classic tool for shaving, straight razors were the original instrument used to remove unwanted hair. While many gentlemen may have begun their shaving experience with electric razors, or maybe disposable ones, nothing will get you as smooth as a good old fashioned straight razor. Straight razors have been used for centuries, early designs being written about in the 1600’s, though current models have a shape and design that’s from the 1950’s. While safety razors and other products have taken a bite out of the straight razor’s popularity, there’s a reason it is still the go to razor at the barber shop.


They can seem intimidating to novices, but we promise you there’s nothing to worry about. We have a handy guide that will make your straight razor experience nothing but the best.


A good straight razor can last generations. Properly take care of your razor and you will have something that can work for you for decades, something you can pass down to your sons and them to theirs. This investment in your legacy starts with the right straight razor, and what better way to share something with your children than by doing for them what your father did for you and teach them the right way to shave, and with a better product. You can instill the qualities of a gentleman in them. Don’t take the quick and easy way out, as the results of that pales in comparison to the tried and true method of honest work and practiced dedication.


Give yourself a barbershop smooth shave at home with a straight razor. Not only will you thank yourself later, your son will thank you too, and his son after him. This can be an heirloom piece if cared for and gentlemen know how to care for and maintain their stuff.

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    THE OCCASION Some gentlemen go bearded, and they’re welcome here too. But for those of us who savor the luxurious feel of a well-shaved jawline, cheek, and neck, look no further than the Gentry Straight Razor. A basin of warm water, a boar or...

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    THE OCCASION A gentleman views grooming as more than just a quick scrape of the razor and the mashing down of his bedhead with a pat of cold water. For the gentleman, his time before the mirror takes the form of ritual, and that ritual weighs as equally...

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