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Men’s Tonic

What’s old is new again as tonics are seeing a resurgence in popularity. What was originally used almost exclusively up through the 1950’s and 60’s, tonics help you style, maintain, and invigorate your hair. Tonics have always been an incredibly versatile product, and you will not regret getting some to use in your daily life. Simply dab a little bit into your hair after a shower and shape to your heart’s content.


Tonics serve many valuable needs. First and foremost, they hold your hair in place, which makes styling it a breeze. You can also do this with your beard, allowing you to design a beard shape and style that showcases your creativity. 


What about dry hair? Dry hair can look dull and be brittle, making it harder to shape because of how hard it was to keep healthy. Tonics come to the rescue. Just apply a little bit once you’re out of the shower and you’ll see your hair stay hydrated and full. This also will help lubricate dry scalps, which helps you keep on top of dandruff. Men get split ends and broken hair too, so keep on top of that by using a little tonic in the morning.


Feel like your hair is thinning out? Tonics, when massaged in, have been known to stimulate the scalp and revitalize the hair follicles. This helps with hair growth and will give you the full look you want. That’s why they were also known as “friction lotions” when used at the barbershops. Give your head a good rub with a tonic and you’ll be able to get your hair looking how you want it to.


Tonics are good for your hair and a good product to get for yourself. You deserve the hair you want to have, and you deserve the products that will get you there. You’ll love the results, your friends and family will too.

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