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An accessory that can be overlooked, wallets are an important tool for men to make a statement. A huge, cluttered mess that is confined in a ratty, old piece of leather barely holding itself together is not the look to have. Instead, a gentleman will make sure he is organized and able to carry the essentials in a sleek, compact wallet that looks good and doesn’t burst at the seams.


There’s a difference in what essentials are to each man. To some, it is just your ID and some cash. To others, it would be a passport, a credit card, some cash, their ID, and a picture of their family. That’s why there are different types of wallets that can benefit men in various circumstances.


For regular, everyday use, a bifold or trifold wallet will do the trick. These are the classic wallets you think of and will do you well if you’re going about your normal tasks.


For you hiking gentlemen, a sports wallet will be your best choice. These wallets generally come with zippers or velcro, so your active movements won’t cause anything to spill out and get lost in the woods. They can also be water resistant, for all you boaters out there.


Travelling abroad? There’s a wallet for that. A traveller’s wallet is large enough to hold your passports and other important documents, so it will be a simple place to house everything you will need when crossing the border.


We haven’t forgotten about you minimalists either. Money clips and slim wallets are the perfect option for the gentlemen that prefer to carry as little as possible. These options will fit perfectly in your pockets and you can keep everything you need organized together, but not take up as much space as a regular wallet.


Now the only option you need to decide is what works best for you and what color do you want?