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Writing Instruments

Despite technological advancements, penmanship and handwritten notes are not going to disappear any time soon. That’s only one of the reasons every gentleman should own a quality pen.


A good looking, solid pen sends the right message when conducting business. Using a high quality pen tells everyone else you care about the details, to the point that you make sure everything looks good and is done well. Something ornate but practical will look good wherever you go and however you use it. This will help you out in the business world and also in your private life. What better way to impress that special someone than making sure you are taking care of the small details?


It is also a smart idea to always have a pen on hand, and there are some that will be great tools when heading outdoors. These pens, sometimes called “tactical pens” offer a variety of uses besides writing stuff down. Some pens carry rods to help start fires, so you can get your campfire up and running easily should you forget your lighter, or if it runs out of fuel. Others contain flashlights in case of emergencies. If the power goes out, being able to grab a small pen and light the way will clear more space in your hands for another tool that you might need. Some pens even offer built in bottle openers, so you can open up your drink while jotting down some quick notes.


There are pens for self defense, having a weighted blunt end that you can protect yourself with, and pens that can be used to break glass in case of emergency. The versatility of these tactical pens are really only limited by the imagination.


Having a good pen on hand should be a priority for every gentleman. Keep the written word around and leave your signature on the world.