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Zippo Antique Copper Lighter

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Muscular and elegant, the Zippo Antique Copper lighter brings a smooth Old West look and feel to your Zippo experience. The days of cowboy gunslinging may be done, but you can capture a bit of that magic with this uniquely beautiful Zippo.

When it comes to high-caliber lighters, one company leads the pack: Zippo. If you’ve ever owned a Zippo, you know precisely why. From the comfortably sized case, to the windproof chimney that guards your flame from the wind, to the satisfying “Zippo click,” to the famed Zippo Lifetime Guarantee, Zippo has long earned its status as an American icon.

  • Your Zippo is protected for life with Zippo’s Lifetime Guarantee; purchase with assurance!
  • Pipe users, consider the “pipe lighter” option, featuring a round hole in the windproof chimney that draws the flame downward and into your pipe.
  • Always made in the USA
  • A desirable object for any gentleman, gift a Zippo lighter to the man in your life.

Brand: Zippo

Model: Classic Colors

Style: Antique Copper

Length: 1.50 in. / 38.46 mm.

Height: 2.25 in. / 57.25 mm.

Width: 0.58 in. / 15.07 mm.

Weight: 2.8 oz. / 77 g.

Package: Box

Country: USA

To Fill your Zippo lighter

  • Fill only with Zippo Fluid. Hold lighter in one hand. Use the other hand to remove lighter insert
  • Fill slowly, never overfill. Lift felt pad to reveal the packing material in the fuel chamber. Saturate the packing with Zippo lighter fluid. Stop filling when fuel reaches top of packing. If overfilled it can leak fuel. Fluid is skin irritant.
  • Wipe lighter and hands dry before igniting. Return lighter insert into case. If overfilled, do not put in pocket or next to skin. If fuel gets on skin, wash the affected area. If irritation persist or worsens, see a Doctor. 
  • Be sure fuel can is closed and there is no spilled fuel in vicinity before igniting. This is flammable fluid. 

To re-flint your Zippo lighter

  • Remove screw and attached spring at end of fuel chamber.Be sure old flint is removed from tube. Place new flint in tube and replace spring, screw lightly. Be sure screw is turned as far as it will go; if not, cover will not close properly. If wheel binds after new flint is inserted, turn wheel backwards a few times. 

Wick Maintenance

  • When wick becomes black from carbon, pull it up with tweezers until clean wick appears (approx 1cm), then trim the end making it even with the chimney height. Perform this maintenance 1 or 2 times a year. It will be necessary to replace the wick after it has been trimmed more than 2 or 3 times. 


Lighters do not come filled.

Order your Genuine Zippo Lighter Fuel here.

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*measurements are approximate

**pictures are not of actual lighter you may receive.

Any Zippo pocket lighter, when returned to our factory, will be put in first class mechanical condition free of charge, for we have yet to charge a cent for the repair of a Zippo pocket lighter, regardless of age or condition, The finish, however, is not guaranteed. This guarantee gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Other Zippo products carry their own specific warranties.